We opened up our very first retail outlet this month. A modest kiosk with all of our products. Customers not only can buy from us directly, they also can order customized natural skincare to suit their need. It has been a long way since we started. With limited resources we taking baby steps one step at a time towards the goal we are going to achieve. Finally, we have reached the first mini mile stone that was set on our path. There is still a long way ahead, we are sailing alone in a desert by ourselves.  We believe we will make it to the end one day...
After Months of preparation and thoughts, we finally nailed down our Ad's design. We want to keep it simple and deliver a powerful message.  Here is the first Ad of our Ad campaign series,
"Whitening, the natural way".

Cristtee Imperial Soap - The Empress favorite Skincare

In Qing Dynasty(清朝), Empress Dowager Cixi (慈禧太后)ordered two of her medical doctors to look for anti-aging remedy. Eventually, They invented "Yurong powder"(玉容散)which made with more than 28 types of exotic herbs.
The anti-aging properties kept the Emperess looked like in her fourties when she actually was at her late sixties. It was the Empress favorite skincare and best kept secret until the end of the dynasty.The secret ingredient was later found recorded inside the "Empress Guangxu Medical Medicaments".(慈禧光緒醫方選議)
Now, we used the ingredients and made it into a soap. A soap which has excellent anti-aging and whitening properties. We also added all natural moisturizing ingredients to nourish your skin.

Limited Edition Soap

Every year we have a limited production run of a soap for that year. We do this is because we wanna try out new formula which is not in our regular production series. The soap is come with a special tin case we designed. Here is the sneak peek of 2015 version of our limited edition soap.

The Palm of Heart

The Logo of Cristtee is inspired by the ancient Chinese character of "Heart" (心). 

We started out with a mission and a heart full of cares, that's is what we put in our products now - a heart with cares..
There is a name for Our logo. It is called " The Palm of Heart". It was given by a little girl name 
Ong Yu Xuan when she was 6.

It started from the Heart..

Cristtee was created because there are people out there who have skin's problem need help. We believe we have the solution for that. We have received many phone calls, emails thanking us for solving their skin's problem which has agonised them for years. We glad we could play our part to help. However, we never tried to take advantage of this and posting testimonials, before and after photos to market our products. We made it with our heart in each and every step of the process, from selecting ingredients to packaging. There were tremendous amount of times and thoughts poured in crafting out the details. We believed our product speaks for themselves. If you think it is good, tells a friend, or ask them to tell their friends to spread the good deed. There are people out there who needs help with their skin's problems.

Natural Ingredient : Shea Butter

Shea butter is an off- white or ivory-colored fat extracted from the nut of the African shea tree (Vitellaria paradoxa). We Used it widely in our products as a natural moisturizer, lotion & cream.